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For maximum value for our clients, Best Agent Business communicates primarily via emails and scheduled phone calls.


  • Your Key Assistant is your primary contact.
  • You should have a regular scheduled weekly call for 30 minutes with your Key Assistant.
  • We suggest it is best to have this on Monday/Tuesday at start of week.
  • During the initial month, it is sometimes best to have 2 calls per week.
  • For some clients who prefer to spend more time speaking on the phone, we suggest you consider having an additional 1 or 2 scheduled calls per week, in addition to regular call. This may be best for 15 minutes at the start of your day or mid-day.
  • All phone calls must be scheduled calls. Assistants are not available for ad-hoc phone calls.
  • If you prefer sending requests for work via phone instead of email, we will help you get started with services such as Jott,, which enables you to call a Jott phone number from your cell phone, leave a message for your assistant, and the message is transcribed by Jott and emailed to your assistant. This is a great service.
  • Assistants
  • Assistants work for multiple clients and multiple tasks.
  • Assistants work part-time from home with flexible hours and it is required that all phone interaction is done on scheduled calls so assistant can be prepared with materials needed and able to focus without distractions.
  • Our response time for a typical 10-15 hour/week client is 1 business day for emails and phone calls. Business hours are 9 to 5 EST Monday - Friday.
  • Calls can be scheduled with as little as 24 hours advance notice. If you have a need for an extra call, just email your Key Assistant and arrange for an extra scheduled call.
  • Team Leaders
  • Depending on the work you need, you will also have calls scheduled with Team Leaders or your primary contact for work such as Listing Management, Calling, Client Marketing, Blogging, and other teams.
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