Working With Your Caller

On this page, we'll discuss the items your caller needs in order to start Calling services, how to communicate with your caller and what you can expect from your caller. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your caller or Key Assistant.

You will need to attend a Calling Kickoff call, during with we'll discuss your system as well as ours. Before you Kickoff call, please do the following:

We value strong relationships with our clients. Here are some key points to consider when working with your caller.

  • Leave detailed notes when working with a client - This should be discussed with agents in your office too.
  • Any leads you are working personally should also be tagged as Buyer A to eliminate the chance of the caller contacting them.
  • Reply to approval requests within 1 business day to keep your work flowing.
  • Communicate with your caller. We want you to have a great experience. Open communication helps your caller meet your needs. Always send messages to your caller via email or discuss items on the phone. Do not text as using email allows us to maintain communication continuity across our teams.
  • We love to brainstorm! If you'd like to take a different approach to your calling services, feel free to schedule a call to brainstorm.
  • 1 business day, or less, wait time for email replies
  • A courteous attitude
  • Professional calling to your leads and clients
  • Innovative problem solving customized to your needs

It’s our goal to have your calling services running like a well-oiled machine at day 100, but we need you to partner with us to make it happen. Over the first 10 weeks, expect to spend a half hour per week “with us”. About half that time will probably be communicating with us, with the remainder of time spent reviewing emails and documents we send to you for approval or feedback. As with many things, the “pain” comes before the reward. But, by Day 100 we know you'll be so happy with our services you'll be willing to write a review for us to use on our website.

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