Calling Agreement - Long Version

This is Best Agent Business' long version of our calling agreement. Please review this information which discusses our calling services in more detail.

  • Buyer Lead Calling - Leads looking to purchase a home.
  • Seller Lead Calling - Leads looking to sell their home as well as Expired, FSBO and Farm calling.
  • Agent Recruit Calling - Definition is a set appointment that occurs regardless of outcome of the appointment
  • Appointment based Calling - Definition is a set appointment that occurs regardless of the outcome of the appointment
  • Profit Based Calling of other Natures: Any calling that requires escalation of leads for commission based profit will be considered a Golden Egg

Calling will not begin until your Calling Agreement is signed and returned.

Preliminary systems will generally be sent to you within one business day of Kick Off. If you do not respond with changes within two business days, we will assume your lack of response is approval of your system, and we will begin to call. Keep in mind, you will have weekly calls with your callers, and you are able to tweak the system and make changes/additions to your system or script as we go. The purpose of auto-approval is to not further delay your calling, which can lead to the hours you paid for building up, and to maximize the productivity of your calling.

Sometimes your calling starts off slow, but it will pick up speed as we go along. There are many issues that may have an effect on the speed with which your calling starts. For a faster start, please be sure to return all necessary documents, including the signed calling agreement prior to the Kick Off call. The organization of your database also has much to do with how quick your calling starts. If your database is being worked on, it may take a little while longer to get started. At the beginning of your calling, we are still adjusting systems, so we may start off slow, but we will pick up with time. You will never lose any hours being banked. Once running smoothly, we will catch up on those hours, and this generally happens within the first sixty days of calling.

Our callers are independent contractors, and they work flexible schedules. Callers will call within the guidelines of normal calling hours for your time zone. Usual calling hours are 8:00am to 8:30 pm Mon - Fri. 9am - 9pm Saturday and Noon to 8:30 on Sunday. Our callers do not have structured schedules. If you have a system in which only one person can log in at a time, we would suggest getting an assistant account, or letting the caller know what hours they cannot be in your system. Our stats are a steady 12-18 dials per hour with 2-3 live answers per hour regardless of specific time called.

If we are calling new leads for you, the caller will focus on your new leads first so that they get a timely call. The frequency of calls being made largely is determined by your budget. If you are getting five hours of calling weekly, new leads will not be reached within 24 hours. If you have a larger budget, it is more likely your new leads will be called more frequently. Five hours of calling weekly will generate at least three calling sessions per week. We cannot guarantee that calling will be done daily.

Our callers are trained to use autodialers, and our Database Team would be happy to assist in transfer of your data to an autodialer. Keep in mind, you need a large amount of leads to make use of an autodialer cost effective. Please talk to the Team Leader of Calling or Steve prior to purchasing an autodialer to be sure it is a good fit and also to determine if our caller's systems support the dialer.

Best Agent Business will call leads provided by you. We do not screen against the DNC Registry. It is the agent's responsibility to screen leads against DNC Registry, or to upload the DNCR list for their area code into the dialer we are using. Any violations stemming from contacting leads that were not cross referenced are the agent's responsibility. You can find information about obtaining your local DNC List by visiting

At Best Agent Business, we hire slow and fire fast. Our newer callers are hired very selectively, and they go through testing prior to being hired. All new callers are mentored by our top callers that are also Assistant Team Leaders. If you are assigned a newer caller, do not worry! We back our callers 100%. Let us know if you feel your caller is not performing up to usual metrics, and we will replace the caller and credit you hours after doing a Calling Analysis.

We assign callers based on skill level, availability and fit for your business. We screen and test all callers prior to being hired and working for us, and if they do not click with you after a few weeks of calling, we can reassign at your request. Thier stats are consistently monitored and audited to guarantee you are getting the best possible callers.

Our callers manually dial approximately 15 dials per hour, but this can fluctuate from 10-20 depending on live answers. Midline stats are 10-15 dials per hour with 2-3 live answers per hour.

When your caller first starts calling, your initial stats will likely contain a large amount of buyer dead/lost leads if your team did not call your leads on a regular basis and follow up based on follow up dates. The first portion of calling on a database that has not been maintained is a clean up period. Your caller(s) will contact your leads and determine which leads are still viable and escalate A leads to you and set follow up dates for B/C leads. Your daily log can show the progression of your pipeline. Keep in mind, with proper follow up, your B leads should become A leads in 3-6 months, and 6 months + your C leads will become A leads. It takes approximately four months to see maximum results for your calling.

To ensure leads that you are working with are not contacted by your caller, it is imperative that you, and all agents in your office leave detailed notes when working with a client. Any leads you are working personally should also be tagged as Buyer A to eliminate the chance of the caller contacting them.

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