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The purpose of this Wiki is to explain the Probate Calling process and offer tips/suggestions to be successful at Probate Calling. The Wiki also describes how to track and code Probate leads and when a lead becomes a Golden Egg.

Probate is the process the legal court takes to finalize all of one’s legal and financial matters after death. Real Estate is one aspect of probate that executors or “Petitioners” have to deal with. If there is an estate to be settled, the executor (or petitioner) will have to determine if they are:

  • Keeping the property to live in
  • Keeping the property to rent out
  • Selling the property “as-is” or Short Sale
  • Repairing/renovating the property to maximize its value, and then selling

Probate calling is calling the “Petitioners” of the estate to determine their goals for the property and booking appointments for your client to call/meet with them to valuate the property and help sell it, ultimately.

Probate is often a very painful and confusing process for people dealing with loss of a loved one, and having to put emotions aside and deal with the legal affairs. A few important points for calling these Petitioners:

  • Compassion/Build Rapport - always open the call with an introduction and offer condolences on behalf of your client’s firm. Ask some simple and guiding questions to gage their position and emotional state if they don’t offer the information up after introduction:
    • Ask at what point they are at in the Probate process? Some of them are already appointed executor, some have not begun, and some are days/weeks away from a final court date to be appointed.
    • Ask if they don’t mind your inquiring about the goals for the estate property? You want to determine if they are keeping it to live in, keeping it to rent out, renovating to sell, or selling as is?
    • If they are not speaking try some easy “yes” questions like confirming them as Petitioner and the estate property/location…
  • Conversation Points: once you know their goals you can guide the conversation based on your clients specific offerings/differentiators. Your goal is to sound helpful and knowledgable about how your client can make this process easier for them (get differentiators from your client up front - what makes them unique and the best choice)? Some info. To get from your client:
    • Can they help with repairs/renovations or connect them to vendors for this?
    • Do they have creative financing or suggestions to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for these unexpected estate needs
    • Is your client available to offer free advice and answer questions about the Probate process?
  • Book appointment or Follow Up Call: If they do not have a realtor offer to book a phone call and schedule. If they are early in the process ask if you can call back in 1 month (or whatever timeframe is appropriate) to follow up.

Probate leads are Seller A,B,C and are recorded as such in your Daily Log/Goal Action. Coding is different for Probate than typical Seller lead calling - because of the complex Probate process phone calls are more often booked to discuss questions and other needs before Listing appointment is booked. Follow these coding guidelines:

  • A = wants to sell and phone appointment (or in person appointment) is booked.
  • B = think will be selling but will need a follow up call before booking appointment (may have to wait for court date or handle other details before thinking about Listing property; not ready to speak with agent)
  • C = not sure yet if selling; follow up call booked further out (some Petitioners may not have received authorization letters yet from court and cannot discuss property details, or they need to discuss with siblings or others to decide, or other reason they are unsure). Probate leads are also C leads if any of the following scenarios exist (these are NOT Dead leads):
    • They are selling the home on their own - NCD 1 month out to see how the sale is going and if they may reconsider
    • They say they are not selling - sometimes people think they want to keep the house but soon realize they cannot. NCD 6 months and again at 1 year (if same answer at 6 months) to check in and see how it is going and if they may reconsider
    • Keeping home to rent out - again they may realize the overhead and maintenance is too much. NCD 6 months and again at 1 year (if same answer at 6 months)
  • Lost = they have already sold or listed the property with another agent
  • Dead = the following are the only true Dead leads in Probate calling:
    • Home has been sold before lead was entered in the Database
    • No property to sell, or the property was a rental
    • Invalid number, wrong number, or no number provided (may look these numbers up depending on client)
    • DNC specifically requested by the lead

Probate leads are considered Golden Eggs when an in person appointment has taken place and they have agreed to List the property (does not have to be with your Client/Agent). You will need to communicate with your client to follow up on your A leads and determine when this occurs.

Follow GE process here __

Based on above explanation of coding probate leads, the following are standards for Next Call Dates based on common scenarios during initial live call:

  • Follow up call NCD guidelines (use judgement based on situation):
  • If appointment booked, switch caller name to Clients Name and set NCD for appointment date
  • If lead wants more information, get email and send the introductory email (In Gmail), set NCD for 2 days to confirm receipt and schedule appointment with Client
  • If lead is unsure if selling or keeping, set NCD for 1 month or if they are awaiting specific court date or family discussion, etc. set call date for after that date.
  • If lead has a realtor, set NCD for 1 month to check in (if property is not selling, they may still be interested in offer from Res Value)
  • If lead wants to sell in the future and will not set appointment now, set NCD for follow up prior (ex. - selling in 6 months, set NCD for 2 or 3 months to check in, keep ResValue front of mind, offer assistance)
  • If lead is keeping property to rent out, set NCD for 3 months to check in and see how it is going.
  • If lead is keeping property to live in, set NCD for 6 months to check in
  • NCDs for A and B leads will be set and kept up with by caller until lead is at appointment stage
  • DEAD Leads - the following Dead Reason field is in the system and must be filled out for every Dead lead. This is important to understand our data for analysis purposes:Dead - Address is an Apartment/Rental: this is for all Executors who state that the deceased was living in a rental and there is no property as part of the estate
  • Dead - Bad #, Wrong #: This is for disconnected numbers, bad numbers, and wrong numbers
  • New - Dead - No PR Number: this is for leads with no PR number provided
  • Dead - Bank/Lawyer: if the number is for a Bank or Lawyer this is a foreclosed property; no need to call
  • Dead - Called Out: lead has been attempted 3 times with no live answer
  • Dead - DNC (requested by lead): lead specifically requests we do not call and/or remove them from our list
  • Dead - No Property to Sell - Invalid Info: The Executor states our data is wrong and they either are not the Executor or they do not have any property to sell
  • Dead - Property is Out of State: if the DECD ADDRESS is outside the Client's licensed area to work. PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM THIS - data is only last known residence but may still have property. Call to confirm details.
  • Duplicate Lead: if there are two or more of the exact same lead. We do not want to call the same person twice in error!

Good (morning, afternoon, evening), this is (Caller Name), and I am calling on behalf of (Client and Firm). I am calling to extend condolences on the recent loss of your loved one… and to follow up to ensure you received (Client’s) package in the mail explaining how his team can assist with all of your estate needs.

I know you have probably received many letters, but (Client’s) team is uniquely qualified to simplify the Probate process for you (insert differentiating statement for your client here).

  • May I ask what your goals are for the property?
  • Do you prefer a quick sale or is there cleanup and/or renovation that needs to be done?
  • What is your timeframe?
  • What other needs do you have that we can best assist with?

(if YES - wanting to sell and ready for appt)Book in person appointment (or phone appointment as second option). GET EMAIL INFO, VALIDATE ADDRESS.

(If repair/renovating) (Insert client offering here - do they help with renovations, have creative financing, etc?)

(Objection Handling)(Insert specific scenarios based on client here - if keeping home, if renting out, if Lawyer handling estate, etc.)

If you have any questions about the probate process or how we can help, I can schedule you for a phone call with (Client). (converse)

Caller should know selling points in marketing material and be prepared to answer any questions the lead may have.

Hi, this is (Caller Name) , with (Client) Team. We spoke a few weeks ago, and I wanted to give you a quick follow up call to see how things were going. Have you decided if you are going to sell the property at “property address”? (if yes, continue) (if no, let them know (Client) is here should they have any real estate related questions about probate)

Would you like to have a quick call with (Client) to go over details of “address”? (if yes, schedule call) GET EMAIL INFO, VALIDATE ADDRESS

If no:Would you like (Client) to send you a market analysis on the property? This will give you a general idea on what similar properties in the area are selling for. (if yes, connect and request market analysis and schedule a follow up for two days after received to try to convert appointment) GET EMAIL INFO, VALIDATE ADDRESS

Hi, this is (Caller), calling on behalf of (Client). I called today to extend condolences on the loss of your loved one. (Client) are certified Probate specialists who can handle all of your estate needs from repair, renovation, through sale of the property at maximum value. He/She is available to answer any questions you may have, even if your intention is not to sell. Feel free to call (Client) at (number).

Hi, this is (Caller), and I am calling on behalf of (Client). I wanted to let you know that (Client) is available to answer any probate real estate questions you may have. If you are considering selling, or you have questions about the market value of the property at “address” please feel free to call (Client) at (number).

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