Calling is a great way to reach out to new leads and stay-in-touch with clients. It's also a task that many real estate agents just can't keep up with, which is why we offer calling services. Our professional callers engage in conversation with your contacts to find out more information about their plans, which allows you to know when your contacts are ready to buy or sell. It's also a great way to reach out to see if they are happy with their services and receive testimonials.

We are excited to start working with you! Prior to starting Calling services, we will need to obtain information from you as well as have a conference call to discuss your needs. Here are the steps to starting Calling services with Best Agent Business:

  • Day 1-10:
  • Day 1-10:
  • Day 10-30:
    • Systems Document - This document is your calling plan. Please review it and respond with your approval or any changes needed.
    • Attend call with your assigned caller.
    • Calling Begins

Remember, please send the materials needed prior to our Calling Kickoff call. Having this information will speed up response time to get your marketing work completed quickly.

Our professional callers are experienced with making the following calls:

Once your calling services have begun, you can expect the following:

  • Daily Calling Report - Your caller will email you a report daily following each calling session. This report provides you with detailed information on all live calls.
  • Daily Log - A Daily Log will be sent to you from our internal system which will provide you with quantified information on the length of the calling session, contact attempts, number of live contacts and the status of the live contacts
  • Golden Egg - This information will be provided to you additionally in a separate e-mail/phone call

Below you will find a link to some general examples of scripting we use. Unless specified by you, our callers do not read scripts verbatim. All calls will be made with a natural and comfortable tone and not robotic. Your leads/clients will be engaged in a conversation.

General Scripting Examples

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