Here are some actual live answer calls made by one of our Expired Leads callers.

Nina, Holly Springs, NC - BAB - TEG: Nina stated home listing ended yesterday and she will not be working with that agent again. She stated the home was on the market a total of about 9mos on and off. During this 9month period she did a lot of upgrades to the house. It is 3 levels with finished attic. Nina stated there was a lot of showing in the month of Jan., but she think it didn't sell because they were not aggressive enough to get it done. At this point she really wants to be more aggressive and get the home sold. She is eager to meet with our client and I have scheduled her for Monday, Feb. 4th at 6PM.

Mr & Mrs. Holman, Raleigh, NC - BAB - TEG: Spoke with Mrs. Holman; she was a pleasure to speak with. She is ready to sell. She said they are interested in purchasing their retirement home. They want to put the house on the market within the next month. Mrs. Holman stated she feels their house didn't sell before, because the agent did not do her job. In the 6mos+ that it was on the market, there was only 1 showing. She thought the house was a good deal because it was ready to move in and in great shape. It also qualified for the special FHA loan with no down payment. The only feedback she received from the one showing was the hill in the backyard. Mrs. Holman agreed to an appointment with our client - April 6th @ 3:00PM.

Georgia, Raleigh, NC - BAB - TEG: Spoke with Georgia and at first she stated she was already going to work with someone at Allen Tate, but before I could say anything else she stated that since she had not sign a contract with anyone at this time, it would not hurt to hear what our client’s team could do for her. She is ready to sell now, but understands sometimes it takes a while. She wants to move out of NC and her choices were CA or GA. I have set an appointment for her to meet with our client on Thursday, March 21st @ 5PM.

Kayla, Raleigh, NC - BAB – TEG: no answer; ph # 2: Kayla stated that they did expire today, however she does have an appointment with an agent on Wed. @ 4:15. So I asked if I could check back with her next week to see if they decided to go with that agent. She then asked me to hold on and she came back and said she believes her Wed appointment is with our client. She asked me where our client was located, because she believes our client is the agent. We decided I should still call back next week just in case to double check.

Carman, Willow Springs, NC - BAB - TEG: Carman stated it was a touchy situation because she had the house listed with her brother and of course it didn't sell. She said she told him she would give him another shot to try and get it sold within 40-50days. If he is not successful, she will start interviewing then. She asked if we can email her some information about us and it is okay to follow up in about 2mos.

Brent, Wake Forest, NC - BAB - Teresa G: Brent stated he relisted with Allen Tate, but only through the end of March. I tried to get off the phone with him when he stated he relisted, but he wanted to know more about our client and what she could do to get his house sold, because he is not confident that the agent he has been working with can/will get the job done. I told him that our client sells more previously owned homes in our area than any other agent or team and that when he is ready to interview she will go over in more detail how she can and has achieved that. Brent wants us to call him back at the end of March to check on his status.

Sandra, Raleigh, NC - BAB - TEG: Sandra stated they will be putting their house back on the market but she is not sure when. She said they are going to do some renovation on it first and then they will start interviewing agents. I asked for her email and she said she really didn't want to give out any information at this time. However, she said it was ok to check back with them in a couple of months.

Matthew, Raleigh, NC - BAB - TEG: Matthew stated he had worked with a friend of his that is an agent the last time it was on the market, but the friend could not get it done. Matthew is currently doing renovations and once he is done he is going to give him (his friend the agent) one more chance for about 6mos. Matthew has requested that our client’s contact info be emailed to him. He has also asked for a call back in 6mos to check to see if the property sells. In the meantime, if anything changes he will contact our client’s team.

Charles, Raleigh, NC - BAB - TEG: Charles stated he had the house on the market for over 100 days the last time and the agent couldn't get it sold. So he went to a management company and they were able to get the property rented in one day. He currently has a rental agreement on the house until Dec. 2013. His intent is to still sell it. He would like for us to check back with him by the end of the year and he will be ready to find an agent to help sell the property then.

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