Accounting Team Testimonials

Laura A.
She takes my statements and puts them into my quickbooks.
I feel she has everything under control.”

Jenna H.
Best Agent Business Accounting has “been great! I feel like Tracey is a member of our staff! Very responsive and willing to help with whatever we need. Everything seems to be getting done in a timely and accurate manner to the extent that we have requested it.”

David O.

“Last year, my accounting system consisted of a shoe box and a spreadsheet at the end of the year. My accountant hated me and I knew it wasn’t very professional to be so loose with my business accounting. Best Agent Business has gotten me totally organized and now I would say that my financial management is the best part of my business. I send receipts and commission checks to BAB (instead of my shoebox) and they record each expense into QuickBooks Online so that I have a weekly, monthly and quarter PL statement. I am now making decisions about my business based on financial capability not on a hunch. My accountant loves me, my wife loves it, and I am very proud of getting this part of my business under control.”

Alan D

I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for getting on-board so quickly and reconciling our QB account. Fiona has been amazing and on top of every detail. She has made time to call me and get questions answered timely and has been able to completely catch up our 2012 books, which were essentially abandoned last June when software upgrades made access to our books impossible.

Through the recommendation of Best Agent Business, we transitioned our books to the QB Online version and you and Fiona took the reigns from there! It has been a pleasure working with the accounting department, and I look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with Fiona at the helm of our account!

Again, many thanks, and kudos to you and your team!


Jo O.

“Best Agent Business does a good job with our bookkeeping. We upload all necessary docs to Google drive where Lynda can then access Quickbooks Online. She's been very adaptive in our requests and worked with our accountant to provide correct and accurate reports. Overall we're very pleased with Best Agent Business Accounting Services.”

Kim K
“Having BAB take care of our bookkeeping has kept us on track to know our numbers.Our virtual assistant is accurate and we communicate by email which makes it easy for me.”

Nathan C.

“I knew Best Agent Business handled book keeping for agents but I had a book keeper and I was very skeptical about handing my books off to someone I didn’t know. I thought that I would be handed to some inexperienced virtual assistant out in Taiwan. So I kept using my book keeper. Well my book keeper dumped me. He would come in to the office when he wanted to and started pushing me off until finally was too busy for me. I was stuck with my books 6 months in the rears.

Buried alive I called Steve Kantor and talked with Fiona my assistant. I hired BAB and all I can say is I wish I did it years ago. Book keeping took years off my life through sleepless nights and anxiety. BAB took the weight off my shoulder all I had to do was send them the papers. My book keeper Fiona went to work and what a relief she is no more “im to busy for your account” like I got with my guy. Fiona went above and beyond to get my books back in line (I was 6 months buried because of my last book keeper) She was working until midnight sometimes!

These guys aren’t in Taiwan, they have a great work ethic and knowledge and they get me my books on time, correct every month. No more chasing the bookkeeper down to come in anymore. They send me my P&L on a silver platter. My only regret was not finding these guys 4 years ago! Thanks for my piece of mind back BAB.”

Casey O.
“My experience in working with you has been great. I appreciate your regular follow up and organization, which has been helpful for my business.”

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