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Best Agent Business offers accounting services for Realtors.


Many Realtors do not enjoy accounting, data entry, tracking income and expenses, or gathering information for their tax accountant. In addition, basic accounting work is exactly the type of work which top Realtors should delegate to other people. As Realtors pass the $100,000 level in gross revenue (gross commission income), it sometimes takes a few years before they realize that they are truly running a small business and need to operate like one, delegating all tasks that don’t produce additional sales. Their time is better spent doing what they do best – selling - not paperwork!


Best Agent Business provides a monthly accounting service for top Realtors. Using an online version of the top product, QuickBooks, our team is able to remotely enter, update, and produce reports for your business. At the end of the year, you will have organized accounting records, reports, and data from the widely-used QuickBooks system, ready for your tax accountant or your own tax preparation.

Saving Money

Best Agent Business can help save you money by doing your basic accounting. In many cases, Realtors who are growing their business fast have a focus on closing sales and commission, but do not spend time analyzing expenses and net profit. We compare your information with industry standards and we often are able to identify areas to review for potential cost savings or increased profitability.


For self-employed businesspeople such as Realtors, it is critical to know how much you are making so you can do proper and timely estimated tax payments. Best Agent Business will provide you with a budget as well as monthly income, spending and net profit reports. This is critical so you can make timely estimated tax payments and avoid penalties and interest at tax time.

Role of Best Agent Business

Best Agent Business is not an accounting firm and does not provide tax preparation services. We utilize staff on our teams who have used QuickBooks in the past, are familiar with financial accounts of Realtors, and have various levels of accounting experience. We provide guidance on standard methods to organize your accounts as a Realtor, accurate and timely data entry, regular monthly financial reports, and copies of your reports and databases for your tax accountant or other purposes.


You must already be a Best Agent Business client at the $995 per month or higher level to add this service. The price is based on a combination of the monthly online QuickBooks service of $19.95 to $29.95 per month, plus our service of $995 to $1,995 per year, depending on how prompt and consistent the Realtor is with providing the data. Accounting work usually takes about 2-5 hours per month after initial start-up entering past data and getting your records up-to-date.

To See Accounting testimonials from current Accounting clients, please see Accounting - Testimonials.

To get started, please fill out this form: Accounting Kick off Document and send for immediate review. Once all information is received, your Accounting Assistant will be assigned and you will be contacted to start immediately.

Please note that the average Kickoff time for Accounting is approximately 1 hour.

Contact Steve Kantor at or call 202-297-2393 to get started.

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