Kickoff Accounting

To get started quickly and efficiently, you can make sure these 3 steps are done even prior to the Kickoff call with the Accounting Team.

  • We use Quickbooks Online for the easiest access to your data. If you already have an account, please add as your accountant so we can have access to your data. If you don't have it, you can sign up here: and then give us access.
  • If you had a desktop version of Quickbooks, that information will need to be transferred to the online version.

The easiest way is to call Quickbooks and have them do the transfer which takes 5-7 days or you can do the transfer yourself. To transfer your data to Quickbooks Online, follow these instructions from Quickbooks.

  • Once your data has been transferred, you must link your business bank and credit card accounts to your Quickbooks Online account. This saves time and data entry on our part since not only can you import up to 90 days of information, it will import monthly and we can just go in and categorize the expenses. This set-up must be done by the client since Best Agent Business does not need or have access to any online banking logins or passwords for security reasons. To set this up, there are two alternatives:
    • Go to the right of the home screen asks you to Connect an Account.
    • Click to connect your accounts and follow the online prompts which ask for login information for each account.
    • Once each account is connected, you can request the download of 3 months or less of data. Choose how much data to receive.
    • Each account and its balance should show up in the Chart of Accounts after acceptance
  • Many clients find it beneficial to upload bank/credit card/income statements to Google Drive for easy access by Best Agent Business. This can be done monthly as soon as those statements are received or all at once if we will be starting back further with data entry.

How to get more than 90 days of bank transactions?

  • You'll start by signing in to your bank's website and downloading a valid webconnect file.
  • Valid webconnect files:
    • .qbo (QuickBooks)
    • .qfx (Quicken) and
    • .ofx (MS Money)
  • Then SAVE it to your computer in a location that you can find.
  • Now go to QuickBooks Online:
    • Go to Transactions>Banking
    • Once you are on the Downloaded Transaction screen, click on File Upload at the top right.
    • Next, you'll start the Web Connect mini-interview.
    • Click Browse and select your Web Connect file from your computer.
    • Click Next.
    • In the drop-down menu, select the account where you'd like to upload the transactions.
    • Click Save and Finish.

NOTE: If you attempt to upload a file of the wrong format, a message will appear stating: The uploaded file isn't a valid Web-Connect file.

ALSO REMEMBER: if the transactions precede the opening balance that was entered into QuickBooks Online, the opening balance will change.

ALSO if you upload files to go back farther than 90 days, the automation feature is turned off (the feature that automatically updates an account). To turn the feature back on, the client has to re-link all affected accounts through WebConnect.

OR the client can send the monthly files for us to manually upload.

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