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Real estate agents have similar time management problems:

  • Flexibility – too much
  • Variety – not a good thing
  • Goals – missing focus on daily activities

Flexibility is Bad

  • Flexibility is a code word for no structure, no systems, and not working
  • Waking up at different times each day
  • No daily routine or habits
  • Changing direction constantly
  • Never finishing what you started – always new ideas

Variety is Bad

  • You like variety – change of pace
  • You got it in real estate with over 100 different things to do every single week
  • The more variety, the less productivity and clarity
  • Multi-tasking is bad
  • Interruptions are bad
  • Variety to the extreme is bad

Goals are Good – Daily Activities are Awesome

  • Goals are monthly or annual big picture
  • Goals are transactions, sales volume, gross commission income, net profit
  • Goals without Daily Activities are empty
  • Daily habits, rituals and activities are key to success

  • Receive daily assignments for ten consecutive business days with thought-provoking questions, tips from Steve and action items to support new habit formation
  • Connect with a group of peers in your industry with similar time management concerns for multiple perspectives and mutual support
  • Receive personal input from Steve on your responses
  • Have a one-on-one personal call with your Time Management Assistant, plus a Time Management Group Call hosted by Steve
  • Achieve your Perfect Day, focus on your Unique Talents, delegate everything else
  • To get the most out of this course, plan on dedicating time to responding to the assignments and doing the exercises by the recommended deadlines - we can give you the tools but only YOU can make changes happen
  • Our Time Management Challenge course can also be set-up for your entire work team.
  • Contact your Key Assistant or Client Services Assistant to receive more information.

  • Contact your Key Assistant to be added to a current Time Management Challenge.

Client Comments About Our Time Management Challenge Course:

“I have studied time management, and efficient schedule for years. However the extra spin that Steve adds by studying your best Talents, and then focus those talents and time of the day you work on BIG money activities are not derailed. Meaning if you are doing the activities you don't like about your business before the Ones that make you the most money, you have failed to achieve your highest potential. Now once you get that, how do you bring that to your team. We also found about 1,000 hours of lost time on my Team. This dropped my OSAs Jaw.”

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