My Perfect Day – Steve Kantor – 2012 – Daily Habits

  • I Win the Day to have a Perfect Day. I Win the Day with Fit, Focus and Fresh
  • Fit is Wakeup, Workout, and Sleep. Focus is Systems for 3 hours and Sales for 2 hours. Fresh is Water Only and Fresh Food Only.
  • Weekly Chart is Fit-Focus-Fresh with possible 10 points per day based on 1 point for Fit and Fresh plus hours of Systems and Sales.
  • I track 1 point for Wakeup, Workout, Sleep, Fit, and Fresh and up to 3 points for Systems and up to 2 points for Sales.
  • Every single morning, I complete Daily Chart for previous day with 0-10 points.
  • Perfect Work Mix based on 8 hours is Systems 3 hours, Sales 2 hours, Mentor 1 hour, Clients 1 hour, Profits 1 hour = 8 hours.

5:15: Wakeup. Listen to classical music. Enjoy an attitude of gratitude
5:20: Listen to affirmations. Energize wakeup: “I’m going to have a great day!”
5:30: Get out of bed, shower, dress, downstairs.
6:00: Drink water. Take energy vitamins. Do pushups and situps.
6:00: Morning Goals and Planning: Breakfast with coffee and read annual and monthly goals. Do daily chart. Write daily goals. Plan day with schedule, dictation, inbox, systems.
7:00: Family: Make lunch for kids, help with family/house.
7:00-8:00: Love Hour: Write hand-written thank you notes and send emails to family, friends, yesterday contacts, clients, leads, aspirationals
8:00: Focus – Systems - Ishidos: Systems work on Talent, Recruit, Triangles, and Ishidos.
9:00: Focus – Systems - Sales: Systems work on Sales and Marketing Lead Generation. Write and send pending proposals.
10:00: Focus – Systems - Clients: Systems work on TURN and Teams.
11:00: Calling - Sales - Scheduled Call: Sales Appointments of Client/Ishido Calls. Open time used for Sales Calls. Group calls.
Group Sales Lead Calls: Wed and Thu 11:00-11:30 Group Client Calls: Wed and Thu 11:30-12:00
12:00: Driver Call - Mentor: Driver Daily Call – Open conf call with 3 Ishidos scheduled and planned for short 10 minute calls.
Scheduled 2 days in advance with KACS/MV/MV. Each MV once a week. Friday is MV conference call.
12:30: Lunch: Relax and walk dogs outside to renew energy
1:00: Daily Profits: Accounting focus for Clients and Systems. Mon-Upgrades, Tue-Acct, Wed-MLC, Thu-Systems, Fri-Systems DO
1:30: Delegate - Ishidos: Weekly/Monthly cycle of scheduled calls.
Mon-Teams-Jen; Tue-Clients-MSJ; Wed-Group; Thu-Sales; Fri-KAT
Monthly cycle Weds: 1: Lifebushido/Traingle; 2: Systems, 3: People, 4: Marketing, 5: Special
2:00: Client Delegate: Client Delegate and Client Emails
2:30: Workout: Workout weights for 15 minutes and then cardio bike 30 minutes, read magazines.
4:00: Calling - Sales - Scheduled Call: Scheduled 30 minute Sales Calls or Client/Ishido. Open time used for Sales Calls.
6:00: Stop work. Family time, dinner, relax, walk dog after dinner, read, unwind.
9:45: Sleep – Review day. Read. Reflect on my day with questions: What did I do? How did I feel? What did I learn? Who did I help? Who did I praise?
What exceptional thing did I do? What can I do tomorrow that no one will expect from me? Go to sleep with Attitude of Gratitude.

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