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Time Management Challenge
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Time Management - Steve's Perfect Day

For most of us, our business environment is one that must be both flexible and fast. In doing this sometimes we focus on the best and neglect all the rest. There are some effective ways in which to manage your time and with a good system in place it will help your day run smoother. Best Agent Business would like to help you develop a Time Management program by creating your Perfect Day.

Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business, is currently offering a complementary Time Management Monthly project service. He will work with you personally over the span of 10 days to help you develop your Perfect Day. We guarantee that you will make a dramatic leap to spend more time on sales, reduce stress/overwhelm, be happier, and have more positive physical, emotional, and mental energy.

  • Are you constantly distracted by phone calls?
  • Do you have trouble sticking to a schedule?
  • Do you spend most of your time putting out fires instead of calling?

If so, the Time Management Monthly project may be just the tool for you to help you reorganize your day. This is complementary for a “limited time only” to the first ten clients that sign up for the program. Respond as soon as possible in order to start this complementary program offered for a “limited time only.”

Time Management Kick-Off 10 Day Challenge

Here are basic rules:

  • Respond by 12pm Mon-Fri to all of us to answer Daily Questions. This will make more sense as we get flowing a few days.
  • Daily Questions - 3 minutes - 3 questions - by 12pm daily your time - 10 days straight on Mon-Fri - no excuses.
  • How many hours did you spend calling in morning and how many live answers?
  • What were positive results and lessons learned from calling this morning?
  • What went well in your Perfect Day yesterday, this morning so far, and what are lessons learned?
  • Answer Special Additional Questions by deadline each day. Here are the first Special Questions:
  • What are your top 3 Time Mgt challenges in your business life?
  • Why did you decide to invest your time in trying this Time Mgt challenge?

To get the most out of this course, plan on dedicating time to reading and responding to the assignments and doing the exercises by the recommended deadlines - we can give you the tools but only YOU can make changes happen.

This effort will take a total of 2 hours of your time over the next 2 weeks.

Time Management Survey

Time Management System - complimentary offer for you from Best Agent Business
We are reaching out to top real estate agents who can benefit from improving their Time Management.
We want to give you a complimentary $99 Time Management service in return for your ideas and completion of the 3 minute online survey link below.

After you complete the survey, please reply to this email so we can start the process. We start new groups on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month of 3-10 agents.

Survey: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22EA9XF8M7S ?Ishido=[Sample-Value]

Best Agent Business provides part-time virtual assistant services to top real estate agents: http://www.bestagentbusiness.com/.
We are the authors of Billion Dollar Agent, a series of interviews of top agents in the country: http://www.billiondollaragent.com/.

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Overview of Team
We guarantee that you will make a dramatic leap to spend more time on sales, reduce stress/overwhelm, be happier, and have more positive physical, emotional, and mental energy. Your commitment is to spend one hour and send a Daily Perfect Day email to us by 12pm for the next 10 weekdays.

The Time Management Team is designed to help you plan your Perfect Day.

  • You make a commitment to work with us for one hour and complete all assignments by 12pm your time every weekday for 10 days.
  • Steve will send you a kickoff email within one day and a link to Steve’s scheduler to schedule a 30 minute call with Steve.
  • You signup using PayPal/credit card for $99 and fax/scan us your form.
  • Starting the day after you receive the kickoff email, you must send a Daily Perfect Day email to Steve by 12pm your time every Monday-Friday, excluding national holidays.
  • If you miss a single day of the Daily Perfect Day assignments, the project ends and you must pay another $99 to continue and restart the process. We anticipate that 10-30% of people will fail to be organized enough to send 10 responses in 10 days and they will basically lose their investment. That is part of our pricing plan.
  • During the 10 days, Steve will be sending back steps and questions to work together to build out your Perfect Day.
  • You will schedule a summary 30 minute call with Steve for Day 11 to debrief, analyze, and decide whether to continue to work together on another aspect of your business
  • We will analyze the results in 10 days and if you do not agree the results will be worth more than $1,000 to you, we will refund your $99.
  • If you agree it is worth $1,000 or more, you will provide testimonial for our marketing.
  • To work closely with our clients to help them better utilize their email services.

Time Management Documents
Proposal - Time Management
Weekly Chart

Working with Steve on the Perfect Day project has really made a difference in the quality of my time. Even my assistant has commented on the fact that I am calmer and happier lately. Having this schedule has made me much less reactive and gives me a plan for the day that allows me to take advantage of planning for better use of my time. I now get proper sleep, workout in the morning with my hubby and have identified the best times for other daily activities. It’s not always a perfect day (actually never a PERFECT day) but it’s an enormous improvement on the chaotic life of reactivity that I was living.

Even though Steve is also my brother, I have allowed him to direct me in this project and the results are a much happier life and much more productive business.

— Vicki French Westapher

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