This page is for first steps of Email Management for small business entrepreneurs and real estate agents.

Top Problems

  • What are your top three problems/challenges with email management?
  • We start with small steps to address one or more problems before going on to next steps.

Email Accounts and Volume

  • What are your main email account addresses and about how many emails do you think you get per day?
  • What type of smartphone, email account software, and email desktop software do you use? (e.g. iPhone or Android, Outlook or Web Gmail or other software)
  • How many hours do you think you spend per day reading, processing, sending emails?

Groups - Chunks - Folders of Email

  • What are top 5-10 groups/chunks of type of emails that you get?
  • For example, from clients, leads, newsletters, family/friends, staff, etc.
  • Categorize each group of email by how frequently you would need to see and process email from that group.
  • Now: You want to see and handle email from that group multiple times per day - fast - now - ASAP.
  • Daily: You are okay with reviewing these type of emails once per day.
  • Weekly: You only need to review these emails once per week. Some of these emails may be emails which you can decide to DELETE and stop in future such as newsletters or reminders or spam.
  • Send us list of 5-10 groups with a 1-2 word name for each group which may become a email folder name in future, the frequency needed, and estimated number of daily emails. For example:
  • Leads - Now - 5 per day
  • Staff - Now - 20 per day
  • Clients - Daily - 10 per day
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