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The RedX
Are you in need of accurate leads for Expired, FSBO or Pre-Foreclosure homes?
Do you need a system that will provide you with accurate contact information such as names, phone numbers and mailing addresses?

The RedX is a Lead generating provider that will assist you in your needs!

What is RedX?

  • RedX is a lead provider which provides information on Expired Listings, FSBO, Pre-Foreclosures in client's MLS area.

Lead information is always at your fingertips and helps to focus your attention on where it is most needed – your

Why would I use RedX?

  • RedX is a reliable product which provides more accurate owner contact information and cross checks against the MLS to

see if listings are currently listed, under-contract, or sold, checked for DNC, gets cell phone numbers, etc. in just a few
clicks. Having accurate information in one place saves time.

RedX vs. MLS

  • MLS provides the information on listings; it does not provide the correct owner information to contact them.

How does RedX work?

  • Our Database Team will upload the leads, Expireds, FSBO’s and send to agent.
  • Our Calling Team can do the calling and update database OR the agent does the calling after our Database Team pulls the

reports from RedX. Agent calls and sends back a report with status; then our Database Team enters in the contacts and
notes into their database for better management and marketing tools.

  • Our Mailing Team can send marketing tools such as Send Out Cards or Postcards to your Expired or FSBO listings as


How much is RedX?

  • RedX is very affordable at:
  • FSBO - $29.99/month
  • Expireds - $39.99/month
  • Pre-Foreclosures - $59.99/month

Need more Information?
The RedX.pdf353331948/The%20RedX.pdf|The RedX.pdf]]The RedX.pdf353331948/The%20RedX.pdf|The RedX.pdf]]

If you would like more help please contact the Marketing Team at:

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