Prudential California - Special

This page is for Prudential California Realty agents in Rich Cosner's company from Sep 2011 speaking event on Billion Dollar Agent.
Best Agent Business -
Version: 9/30/11 by Steve Kantor

Below are additional resources discussed at our Billion Dollar Agent presentation.
You can Schedule a call with Steve Kantoror email him at

Resources for You

  • Lead Sheet: Email Steve Kantor to request PDF and tell him how many leads you get per month.
  • Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model: Email Steve Kantor and state your 2010 sales volume, GCI (gross comm income), and estimated net profit. Steve will tell you whether your profit margin is good, average, or low and send you our Profit Model.
  • Farm Marketing: Email Steve Kantor to request Farm Marketing system document and tell him how many homes you are currently farming.
  • Lifebushido - Anything is Possible - overall holding company of Steve Kantor and various ventures

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  • Focus on your unique talent and delegate everything else. Everything we do is $20/hour and we can do everything.
  • Here are suggested service levels based on your sales volume:
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