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This page is for scheduling meetings with Steve for breakfast in Bethesda, MD.
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  • I enjoy having interesting breakfast meetings with a variety of business friends, colleagues, and other people.
  • I have found that it is even more interesting to connect together 2-3 other people that I know.
  • I have time blocked each week so people can easily schedule with me.
  • At breakfast it may be just me, or there may be 2-4 other people.
  • You can invite and bring a fellow agent/friend. Just tell me in advance.
  • If there are going to be more people, I will usually connect and introduce you via email in advance.
  • If you know someone who you believe would enjoy meeting with me, please point them to this page.

Scheduling Breakfast or Lunch with Steve

  • I block out most Wednesday mornings from 8:00-10:00am for breakfast meetings.
  • Breakfast is at La Madeline which is a block from Bethesda Metro at 7607 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD 20814.
  • I block out Thu 12:00-1:30pm for lunch at Cafe Deluxe Bethesda: 4910 Elm St, Bethesda, MD 20814.
  • You can schedule breakfast/lunch with me using my online Scheduler - choose a date and time that's best for you: http://tinyurl.com/meetsteve
  • If you are unable to meet with me during the above scheduled time, please email me: Steve Kantor <steve.kantor@gmail.com>;
    with two dates and times that you are available for breakfast or lunch and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

Directions to La Madeline:

There are public parking lots on Old Georgetown Road about one block from La Madeline.
You can usually find me in the back near the fireplace and just email me or call me if you need to find me.

Bre{{file/view/coffee-break.jpg/364482052/coffee-break.jpg|coffee-break.jpg}}akfast Agenda

For business meetings, we usually spend 8:00-8:30am eating breakfast and catching up with personal life topics.
From 8:30-10:0oam, we split up the time in 30 minute chunks. Any of us can make a brief presentation on a current business opportunity or challenge. We can then receive input, shared experiences, and ideas/connections from the other people. You may or may not have something you want to present. For those of you who are familiar, this is a small 30 minute format of a YEO/EO/YPO presentation.

If you prefer to skip breakfast and just want to schedule a call with me, please use this link: http://lifebushido.com/callstevekantor.html

Client Comments about Meeting with Steve

These are some comments from clients after meeting with Steve:

Having breakfast with Steve was very helpful. More than anything I like being able to put a face to the voice. For more it made it less “virtual” assistant and simply more of an assistant when you know who you are dealing with. I am still in the first month of set up with Best Agent Business so we went over what I have done so far, what I still need to do, and made plans for the future on what I would like to do and how they could help me do it. If you live nearby, I would suggest to take the time to meet the man face to face who will be helping you take your business to the next level.

I found my meeting with Steve to be very insightful. I plan on putting some of the ideas that we collaborated on into play immediately. I would recommend a face-to-face meeting with Steve to any client of Best Agent Business; it helps both sides get a sense of how to better work with the other for a more productive and profitable relationship.

Email Invites from Steve
Invite to Breakfast with Steve Kantor - Billion Dollar Agent
I would like to invite you to join me for breakfast in Bethesda with a few other top agents in coming weeks.
I set aside Wed 8:00-10:00am.
See https://bestagentbusiness.wikispaces.com/MeetWithSteve for details and to schedule breakfast.
I like to meet with local clients every 3-6 months in-person.

If not interested in meeting with me for breakfast or lunch, just tell me so I will not send you another invite in the future.

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