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 +**Explanation of Systems/​Management Billing - Client Template**\\ \\ \\  Date\\ \\  Dear (client),\\ \\  We appreciate your feedback on our Billing Process and the opportunity to provide you with answers to your questions and concerns.\\ \\  The function of Systems and Team Management is to maintain the quality and consistency of work performed by all teams for our clients. This cuts out hiring, firing and training costs that our clients would have to absorb by using in-house assistants for the work that we are providing to them. It also ensures that there is continuous accountability for our clients'​ work that they otherwise might not have by utilizing in-house assistants to run their systems. It is of the utmost importance to Best Agent Business that the services we provide to our clients are of the highest quality and are completed within the time frames we promise to the client.\\ \\  These hours are allocated equally to all clients as they affect and benefit all clients’ services with Best Agent Business.\\ \\  For additional details on our Policies, please feel free to visit our wiki: http://​bestagentbusiness.wikispaces.com/​Accounting+-+Work+Hour+Policy\\ \\  We are here to answer any questions and address any concerns about your services with us, and/or with your business in general. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.\\ \\  Best Regards,\\ \\  Key Assistant
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