Billion Dollar Agent Ideal Client

Best Agent Business works with ideal clients who are top real estate agents doing over $200,000 GCI per year with a desire to grow their business to the next level. We seek clients who want to grow 10-50% with a focus on profits. We help our clients with assistants, calling, and coaching using our Billion Dollar Agent systems, book and Business Team.

Our ideal client is a Calm Cathy or a Rockstar Rick. They are not a Slow Sally or a Hyper Harry. We seek clients who are open with sharing their information, life story, emotions, feelings, dreams, and visions. We seek to be the closest trusted business/life partner/vendor with our client among all of their staff and vendors. Our ideal client is appreciative and respectful of our time and efforts. Once a client is happy with our services by Day 100, they proactively write us a marketing testimonial and introduce us to 10+ prospective new clients for Billion Dollar Agent Brainstorming calls per year.

Focus Unique Talent: We serve as a Life Coach to our clients to help them discover and focus on their unique talent. This includes all aspects of Lifebushido including Time Management, Life Management, Time/Happiness/Money, Goals, and Painted Picture Vision for five years in the future. We help clients spend increasing time on their unique talent which makes them happier and more profitable.

Delegate Everything Else: We help clients delegate everything else to free up their mental and physical time so they can focus unique talent. We help clients delegate using their technology apps, software, vendors, brokerage, assistants, callers, agents, and anything needed to focus and reduce the number of tasks done by a client. For assistant help, we help with Marketing, Lead Management, Closing Management, Accounting, Recruiting, and everything else needed.

Stop Wasting Leads: Our ideal client understands the value of their database and the value of their leads. Most importantly, they acknowledge when leads are being wasted and they believe in the focus on Stop Wasting Leads. Our ideal client allows us to do everything needed to Stop Wasting Leads including database management, lead management, calling, mailing, and holding all staff and agents accountable to systems to Stop Wasting Leads.

For clients over $500,000 GCI who want to grow to over $1,000,000 GCI, we coach our clients to become a Billion Dollar Agent and organize them into Billion Dollar Agent Triangles for support, motivation, and mastermind sharing. If a client currently has a coach they are paying $500-$1,000/year, we replace the coach with our services within 6 months.

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