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Lead Management

Lead and Database management is an important task real estate agents should be completing, but we find that many agents push this work to the side. They don't enjoy completing the task and their contacts become disorganized, making it difficult to follow up with leads.

Every lead is worth $100! Stop wasting leads; let us help you organize, code and call your leads. We enter all of your leads in one Core Database using our Core Database Coding system. Your leads and your agent's leads are never lost. We provide you with daily, weekly and monthly updating, management and reporting for your Core Database so that you can stop wasting leads. We also make regular contact with our Calling and Marketing teams, ensuring that they receive a new list with updated contacts so no one is left out of a campaign.

We are excited to start working with you! Prior to starting your Lead Management work, we need to obtain logins, financials and contacts from you, as well as have a conference call to discuss your Lead Management needs. Here are the steps to start managing your leads with Best Agent Business:

  • Day 1: Gather Background Information: Prior to your first Lead Management call please send the following information to your Key Assistant: Logins, Financials, and any contact lists not already in your database.

Most agents have leads scattered across 2 to 6 (or more!) different databases. We manage all of your leads in one main Systems We Support. If you are currently managing your leads in multiple databases we will assist you in choosing one main database.

Our Core Database services include all Lead Management tasks which every real estate agent should be doing to stop wasting leads and grow their business. In order for us to manage your Core Database you must commit to three things:

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