CyberStars Summit - Phoenix January 2010

Best Agent Business is sponsoring the CyberStars Summit.
We provide part-time virtual assistants for top real estate agents.
We are the authors of Billion Dollar Agent - Lessons Learned and Real Estate in 2008: Top Agents Share Top Ideas and other books.
We currently have about 50+ clients and about 60+ part-time assistants and we work as a team.
Our services are $20/hour.
We are growing rapidly.

Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model - 1 page spreadsheet

Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model - Best Agent Business.xlsBillion Dollar Agent Profit Model - Best Agent Business.xls

Special Offer

  • Get a weekly PDF summary of real estate/business book
  • Get free ebook summary of Billion Dollar Agent

Action Items

  • Schedule meeting with Steve Kantor at conference
  • Tue or Wed - 30 minute time slots
  • Breakfast 7:00-9:00am at breakfast restaurant
  • Happy Hour 5:00-7:00pm at the bar
  • Try us out for small low-cost projects.
  • Social Media Jumpstart for blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter set-up
  • Call 10 clients to get written testimonials
  • Database review and cleanup for Top Producer or Agent Office
  • Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model review of financials/budget to increase your net profit
  • Call 50 of your backlog of buyer leads to qualify and resolve more leads
  • Lifebushido - Anything is Possible - overall holding company of Steve Kantor and various ventures
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