Client Policy - Service Agreement

Service Agreement

Please download, print and return a signed copy of our Service Agreement when you sign up for services with Best Agent Business.

The Service Agreement includes the following information: Business Philosophy and Services: Best Agent Business helps top real estate agents focus on their unique talent and delegate everything else to Best Agent Business and our Billion Dollar Agent Team. Our goal is to help you grow your business to the next level,make more net profit, and achieve an ideal work/life balance.

• Best Agent Business will provide part-time virtual assistant and calling services to help improve your business. The services provided will be chosen by you based on our service levels and the needs of your business.

• Our service includes a required Weekly Call with your Key Assistant for 30 minutes to review work and needs. Client needs to spend about 1 hour weekly to manage 10 hours of assistant work. Client needs to plan on spending about 10 hours during the first 1-2 months for database and lead management cleanup and team kickoffs. These scheduled calls are critical to mutual success.

• Your Client Service Assistant will call you a few times during Day 1-100 and then monthly for short 15 minute calls to make sure everyone is moving forward. Agreement Terms: All communication and data exchanged between Best Agent Business and our clients is confidential. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied by work completed, please contact us within one week and we will redo work as needed. Client will not solicit or do any business with any Best Agent Business staff for a period of one year from last payment.

Price: All work done is $25/hour. A client at $1,990/month is 80 hours * $25/hour.

Hours not used will roll forward to the next month. There are no refunds. We may start slower if we are waiting on Client for database cleanup or marketing materials. We then catch-up with budget hours by end of month 3.

Calling work includes a one hour incentive bonus called a Golden Egg for hot buyer/seller A leads ready for meetings.

Payment Terms: We provide services via a monthly subscription service, with payment in advance, via PayPal credit card or bank draft auto-debit. We require three months minimum commitment to start and then month-to-month. Our goal is to work with a client for many years.

Choose service level: _ $995/month _ $1,990/month _ $2,990/month Print Name Signature Date Fax to 240-751-4247 or scan/email to

Best Agent Business is a division of Lifebushido LLC, registered in Maryland. 4835 Cordell Ave Suite 1105 - Bethesda, MD 20814 - Phone: 202-297-2393

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