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The purpose of this page is to explain why we require financial information from our clients.


Best Agent Business provides a Billion Dollar Agent system to take our clients business to the Next Level. Part of our Billion Dollar Agent system is providing our clients with a financial plan with budgets for the upcoming year. This is a required and necessary step in order to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Please send the folowing information to your Key Assistant and cc'

  • Last Year Transactions
  • Last Year Sales Volume
  • Last Year Average Price
  • Last Year GCI
  • Last Year Net Profit
  • Last Year Marketing Costs
  • Last Year Marketing Percentage
  • Current Year Transactions
  • Current Year GCI
  • Current Year Net Profit
  • Budget Year Transactions
  • Budget Year GCI
  • Budget Year Net Profit
  • Client Marketing Percentage
  • Average Sales Price
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