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During Day 30-100 we're fine-tuning work for you and are in regular contact with you, so you can establish the right workflow rhythm to meet your needs.

New Client - Day 30-100

We will be completing any additional Team Kickoff calls and smoothing out workflow processes so they are completed efficiently and in the manner which best suits your goals, with a smooth workflow on our end, you can focus on your unique talents and building your business!

Here's what will be completed for the services you use:

  • Marketing - We will begin any Advanced Marketing services.
  • Lead Management - Your backlog of leads will be coded and assigned.
  • Calling - We will have calling work flowing with daily and weekly updates.
  • Closing - We will have completed the kickoff call as well as have completed 3-4 listings/closings and a Listing plan will have been created and approved.

Let's Celebrate! It's smooth sailing from here. Your work is flowing smoothly, and you and your staff should be focusing more on your unique talents. This is great news for your business, you're well on your way to taking your business to the Next Level!

And, at the end of Day 100 our goal is to ensure you're so happy with our services, that you'll continue on as our client and write a positive testimonial of our services for us to share.

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