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During Day 10-30 we begin implementing our Billion Dollar Agent system.

New Client - Day 10-30


Focus Unique Talent - During Day 10-30 you'll have a 10-15 minute kickoff call with your Key Assistant to discuss the following things: time management, email management, desk management, calendar management, and written goals. This call will help you learn how to work efficiently, write goals and focus on your unique talent.

Delegate Everything Else - Day 10-30 we'll continue working with you to determine what work you are completing, what work your staff and vendors complete, and what will be delegated to us. We do this by finding out what your unique talents are, as well as your staff. By Day 100 you and your staff will be spending more time on your unique talents and delegating everything else.

Stop Wasting Leads - Day 10-30 we work with you to organize and code all contacts in your database as well as add additional contacts you have stored elsewhere. Our Lead Management plan was developed to ensure that all leads are added to your Core Database. We also develop Marketing Plans to ensure your leads are not wasted.

Please download, print and follow directions for your Day 10-30 Checklist. Have this document in front of you during calls with Best Agent Business and write the date next to items as they are completed. After completion, please scan and email completed form to your Key Assistant.

New Client Checklist - Day 10-30

Day 10-30 is when you’ll begin seeing our teams completing your work as well as have additional team kickoff calls. It's important for you to reply, review, approve or give feedback within 1 business day of receiving communication from us. You'll also need to keep your Key Assistant cc'd in emails, as your main point of contact with Best Agent Business, your Key Assistant is the one to ensure everyone is on track, from you and your office, to all team members assigned to assist you. Timely communication will also allow us to fine-tune work to suit your business needs so we can meet your expectations and beyond.

Here's a basic guideline of what tasks we should be accomplishing for you during Day 10-30

- If you're using our Marketing services, by day 30 we'll have a monthly newsletter sent out, a postcard sent and received by you, your Key Assistant and Steve, and your weekly online marketing work will be flowing.

- By Day 30 all of your leads will be assigned and coded; reflecting the value of your database. Your weekly and monthly database reports will be flowing.

- If you're using our Calling services, your kickoff will be completed, your calling script and plan will be approved and the first 10 hours of calling will have been started.

- Your kickoff call will be completed and a decision made if you want to use our accounting services.

What happens next? Follow me to Day 30-100!

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