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Client Services

Welcome! This page is for new and established clients. If you're a new client, please see New Client Steps in order to complete the necessary steps to officially start services with us. You can also find our services and policies on this page which offers additional information about our Business Teams as well as any policies you may have questions about.

Welcome to Best Agent Business! You've hired us to implement our Billion Dollar Agent system, and we are very organized and structured. Please review the following pages to guide you through the beginning stages of working with us. This will ensure that all required tasks are completed and returned to us, so we can get your work started quickly.

- Billion Dollar Agent Goal!

At Best Agent Business, we help you focus on your unique talent, and we do the same for our assistants. That's why we've created teams which assistants can focus on their unique talent, and provide you with the best service. Below, you'll find a list of the Teams that link to more information about the services they provide, as well as how to get started working with them.

You can always contact your Key Assistant to help get you started working with any team/work you need assistance with.

Best Agent Business policies regarding billing and services are found on our Policy page.

At Best Agent Business, we tend to use many different acronyms and other phrases that new clients won't understand. You can check out our Glossary page to become enlightened of our inner lingo.

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