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 +====== Client - Monthly Maintenance ======
 + ​Version:​ 12/4/13\\ \\ Service with Best Agent Business – Monthly Maintenance Level\\ \\ We appreciate your business and we would like to introduce a service for clients who decide to pause our full service. We have had a few clients want to pause for a few months for a variety of reasons.\\ \\ We offer a Monthly Maintenance Level service at $99/month for 5 hours per month for clients who want to pause for a period of time but continue with some core service such as database management or lead management or do a small project. This service level is required for clients who are slow on hours and want to reduce monthly service level until current with hours. This allows us to maintain a client relationship with you and most importantly,​ if/when you decide to restart on full service in the future, we do not have to spend time/money on start-up efforts.\\ \\ Another important benefit of signing up for this level is that you do not lose any accumulated hours with Best Agent Business. If you need to pause your service and you have a backlog of hours, this will benefit you. Below is our cancellation policy if you have hours on file.\\ ​
 +  * We do not do any refunds. If a client cancels service, we will get work hours updated and Accounting will provide a summary report once the month has closed out and all time has been entered. If the client owes money, the client will send a one-time payment to clear balance owed. If the client has credit hours, they will show up in a summary report sent by the 10th of the month after service ends. The policy for using those hours is as follows.
 +  * When clients pause with credit hours, They have 3 choices:
 +  * [[client_-_monthly_maintenance|Monthly Maintenance Level $99 ]]for 5 hours per month to continue weekly and monthly database management and lead management to keep things organized and clean.
 +  * If they do not choose the $99 level, they will be charged 5 hours Systems time per month being on Pause and they can choose us to do monthly database management/​lead management or simply do nothing and still cost those 5 hours per month. So someone who pauses with 20 hours left, after 4 months they will have 0 hours and the hours are lost. Clients with less than 100 hours left will have 3 months from last payment date to use any remaining credit hours. If they have more than 100 credit hours, they will have 6 months to use any remaining hours. All hours remaining at the end of 3 or 6 months will be forfeited.
 +  * A final option is to gift the remaining hours to a current Best Agent Business client or new client who signs up with Best Agent Business.
 +\\ \\ \\ To sign up for the Monthly Maintenance Level, use this link, Best Agent Business – Monthly Maintenance Level - $99/month - http://​tinyurl.com/​cp8mh4\\ \\ We greatly appreciate your business and we hope to continue to work with you as an active client.
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