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 +**Overview**\\ ​ Clients of Best Agent Business who have paused services and have a credit hour balance can use those credit hours in the future.\\ ​ Our Client Services team will touch base with you monthly to see if you are ready to use those hours.\\ \\ **Options**\\ ​ You have the following options:​\\ ​
 +  * Use Credit Hours: Tell us you are ready to use credit hours and how you want to use them. We will schedule a conference call to get started.
 +  * Waive Credit Hours: Tell us you do not want to use credit hours and we will clear out your account.
 +  * Donate Credit Hours: If you have a fellow agent who has a need for Best Agent Business, they can signup as a new client at http://​www.bestagentbusiness.com/​signup.html and once they have signed up, on your approval, we will transfer your credit hours to their account. You can give them credit hours as a gift.
 +===== **Email to Clients** =====
 + ​Subject:​ Your Credit Hours with Best Agent Business - CLIENTNAME\\ ​ CC: Steve\\ ​ You have credit hours with Best Agent Business.\\ ​ We need your decision on how to use those hours or they will expire on 10/31/13.\\ \\  See details at http://​bestagentbusiness.wikispaces.com/​Client+-+Credit+Hours+Usage.\\ ​ If you choose to use the credit hours, you must have conference call and start using them by 8/​31/​13.\\ ​ Please Reply All with your choice within 3 days or ask any questions.\\ \\  Also, if you separately like to catch-up and have a complimentary brainstorming session on your business with Steve Kantor and myself, just tell me and I will arrange a conference call.
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