Clients of Best Agent Business who have paused services and have a credit hour balance can use those credit hours in the future.
Our Client Services team will touch base with you monthly to see if you are ready to use those hours.

You have the following options:

  • Use Credit Hours: Tell us you are ready to use credit hours and how you want to use them. We will schedule a conference call to get started.
  • Waive Credit Hours: Tell us you do not want to use credit hours and we will clear out your account.
  • Donate Credit Hours: If you have a fellow agent who has a need for Best Agent Business, they can signup as a new client at http://www.bestagentbusiness.com/signup.html and once they have signed up, on your approval, we will transfer your credit hours to their account. You can give them credit hours as a gift.

Subject: Your Credit Hours with Best Agent Business - CLIENTNAME
CC: Steve
You have credit hours with Best Agent Business.
We need your decision on how to use those hours or they will expire on 10/31/13.

See details at http://bestagentbusiness.wikispaces.com/Client+-+Credit+Hours+Usage.
If you choose to use the credit hours, you must have conference call and start using them by 8/31/13.
Please Reply All with your choice within 3 days or ask any questions.

Also, if you separately like to catch-up and have a complimentary brainstorming session on your business with Steve Kantor and myself, just tell me and I will arrange a conference call.

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