Business Team

Best Agent Business helps your business grow to the next level with our powerful Business Team with Billion Dollar Agent Systems.

Best Agent Business provides a total service to grow your business from $100,000 to more than $1,000,000 GCI using our Billion Dollar Agent secret sauce.

Billion Dollar Agent - Core Benefits

  • Focus Unique Talent - We help hire and manage Showing Agents at $20/hour to free up your time from buyer business faster and make your buyer business far more profitable than the old Buyer's Agent model. We provide the best Perfect Day Time Management system to increase time you spend using your unique talents.
  • Delegate Everything Else - We provide both virtual and local in-office assistants to handle everything including Marketing, Database, Lead, Listings, Closings, Accounting, Gopher/Courier, Paperwork and other needs. Our local W-2 employee can go onsite to your office on regular schedule weekly for the perfect balance of virtual vs local assistant hours for your needs.
  • Stop Wasting Leads - We are the best in the industry for Lead Management on all levels, including our Sales Calling Team to regularly call your Clients/SOI/Vendors, your Buyer/Seller leads, helping with Seller/Showing Feedback, and even cold-calling to FSBO, or neighbors around listings, or recruiting new agents to your team. Almost all top agents waste 50% of their leads. We will help you to Stop Wasting Leads.

Billion Dollar Agent - Systems
We have published Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned and Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto based on over 1,000 interviews over last 10 years with agents doing over $100,000 GCI including over 100 doing over $1,000,000 GCI. We have spent over a million dollars on research and development over past decade and you can leverage this research for as little as $995/month.

  • Book - We have our entire plan in a short 175 page book in paperback or Kindle which is what we follow and implement together to grow your business.
  • Systems - We have over 1,000 pages of documented Billion Dollar Agent Systems to leverage to grow your business faster
  • Triangle - We group clients into a Billion Dollar Agent Triangle of three agents at similar levels in different cities for Daily Emails, Weekly Triangle Calls, and Monthly Conference Calls with Steve for peer-peer mentoring, sharing, and advice. This is one of the most powerful aspects of Best Agent Business to help you focus on core of Focus Unique Talent, Delegate Everything Else, and Stop Wasting Leads.

Secret Sauce - Best Agent Business
Everything is pulled together via secret sauce which powers our entire business.

  • Profit Focus - Best Agent Business is the only company which has a solid focus on profits rather than deals/GCI with our unique Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model. Our Profit Model achieves a 50% net profit margin on $1,000,000 GCI, more than any other business model. And we can prove it.
  • Lifebushido Talent Team - Lifebushido is the primary company and Best Agent Business is one of about 10 ventures within Lifebushido. We have a unique and amazing recruitment and talent process which has us receive over 200 job inquiries per month and we only hire about 10 people per month - about 5% of applicants. Our Talent Team is also used to help you hire local assistants and Showing Agents.
  • Steve Kantor - Steve Kantor is Founder and President of Lifebushido and Best Agent Business. Steve is passionate about helping other people. He previously founded and sold a software company 10 years ago for $3 million and started Lifebushido in 2006. See bio Steve's consulting advice on business, work, and life is part of our secret sauce to help agents become a Billion Dollar Agent.

We Do Everything to Grow Your Business to the Next Level - Best Agent Business

  • We provide a Business Team with Billion Dollar Agent Systems to grow profitably from $100,000 to $1,000,000 GCI.
  • We provide all assistant help needed, whether virtual or local, to run and grow your business.
  • We provide all Sales Calling needed managing combination of our Callers, your calling, your agent's calling, and any in-house Callers.
  • We recruit, hire, and manage Showing Agents and Buyer's Agents to manage your Buyer Business more profitably.
  • We organize everything into three main teams of Marketing, Lead Management, and Closing Management.
  • Our Systems team handles Talent, Accounting, Consulting.
  • Our Talent Team does recruiting, hiring, firing, managing using best practices developed over 10 years.
  • We provide and implement our valuable Billion Dollar Agent Systems so you operate like a $1,000,000 business even if you are $200,000 currently.
  • We provide consulting and advice and ideas from Billion Dollar Agent.
  • We group selected clients into Triangles of three similar agents for a Billion Dollar Agent Triangle.
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