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Best Agent Business helps many top agents with virtual assistant and calling services. In early 2013, we are working with over 100 clients around the country and our team includes over 100 part-time assistants on payroll including our Calling Team of over 30 Callers. We have tracked over 300,000 dials over the past five years. For top agents with big buyer systems getting over 100 leads per month, we provide Calling, Database Management, Lead Management and Agent Management including holding buyer's agents accountable, recruiting of agents. Most importantly, we help top agents implement our unique Billion Dollar Agent Showing Agent model which dramatically increases the net profits from your buyer business.

Business Relationships with Website Vendors
Best Agent Business does not have any formal business relationship with website vendors such as agentjet, BoomTown, Commissions Inc, Kunversion, Market Leader, Prodigy, Real Geeks, Real Estate Webmasters, Success Websites, and TigerLead. We support all of these systems and about 50 other database and lead generation systems. We recommend all of them as solid reliable vendors. We sometimes send them referrals. We do not request or accept any referral commission or affiliate revenue from these vendors. Some of them refer us business when they have their clients/agents who have hundreds of wasted leads and the buyer's agents are not calling the leads and they need help with calling the backlog of hundreds of buyers leads. We do not pay the website vendors any affiliate commission. We invest thousands of dollars each year in learning and training to stay current and be effective with all of these systems.

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Resources for Learning and Systems to Improve Big Buyer Business Profits

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Big Buyer Business - Our Vision and Plans
We are the authors of Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned which involved interviews of over 70 top agents who have sold over $1 billion in their career are on track towards that goal. In the past five years since our first book, we have researched and interviewed over 1,000 top agents. We will be releasing our Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto this year. We will provide detailed business plans and models to maximize different aspects of your business such as Client Marketing, Expired Marketing, Big Buyer Business, Farm Marketing, Open Houses, and more.

As part of our research and marketing, we are doing the following:

  • Market Research: We have researched over 5,000 top agents who have Big Buyer Business websites using vendors such as those listed above. The vendors did not provide us this contact information. Our Research Team located that information on the open web using search engines.
  • Marketing: We will be reaching out to these 5,000 agents to market our Best Agent Business services using the same systems we suggest that they use to grow their Big Buyer Business profits. We practice what we preach. We will be using the following marketing strategy:
  • Email marketing
  • Online surveys
  • Calling
  • Mailings
  • Creative marketing ideas that are out-of-the-box
  • Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto
  • We are seeking to interview for our book any top agent who is achieving over 5% conversion to closed deals of buyer web leads generated via PPC or SEO within one year of lead starting, with over 100 leads per month, and over 12 month track record. For example, if an agent is getting over 100 leads per month, or 1,200 in the year, and can document over 5% closings or 60+, we would like to interview them for the book.
  • It is anticipated that the book will be purchased/read by over 10,000 top agents in first year of release.
  • Overall, we believe the industry average figure of 1-2% conversion for a typical agent with a Big Buyer Business website and if you do everything perfect according to our Billion Dollar Agent model and use our Best Agent Business services, you can achieve 5%. In most cases, simply going from 1% to 2% or 2% to 4% is a huge leap with huge impact on profitability.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you qualify for an interview for Billion Dollar Agent, please email Steve Kantor at

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