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At Best Agent Business we are always working to increase the value of your service subscription. Our Networking program offers a series of mainly complementary services designed to introduce you to each other and foster communication for mutual benefit. Follow the links below to learn more about our current services. If there are any other services you would like to see added in the future, please suggest them to your Key Assistant.

  • Client Group Calls - weekly conference calls hosted by Steve - complementary to Best Agent Business clients
  • Meet With Steve - if you live or plan to visit the Bethesda, MD/DC area Steve would love to meet for breakfast
  • Client Newsletter - weekly newsletter with suggestions, ideas, contests, new services and often a complimentary offer.
  • Help and Advice with Conferences - get Steve's input on which conferences to attend
  • Send Out Cards - custom cards for keeping in touch with clients, leads and SOI - set-up a test account.
  • LG99 Free - Give Your Friends a Gift - Receive three free gifts to send to colleagues of your choice - each gift a $99 value. Ask your Key Assistant for more information.
  • Bookbushido - free series of short business book summaries
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