This page is to help top agents who are BDA to consider the Billion Dollar Agent Vision and answer questions.
Email Steve Kantor as needed.

Steps for Agents

  • Book
  • Read Billion Dollar Agent Vision - this was also last few pages of book:
  • Email Steve what parts you like
  • Email Steve what parts you disagree with or do not understand
  • Work with Best Agent Business and Steve Kantor to see if a fit
  • Focus Unique Talent
  • Delegate Everything Else
  • Stop Wasting Leads
  • Connect Steve via email to every single Billion Dollar Agent with over $1,000,000 GCI you know.
  • Steve will have 30 minute call with them to see if a Big Ego Brad or a Billion Dollar Agent potential.
  • Connect with other BDA who Steve connects you with, reach out for 30 minute phone call and share each side 15 minutes of the best 3 things you do and what you need help with. Report back to Steve on ABC rating of interaction with that other agent.
  • Do Billion Dollar Agent Challenge with Steve of 100 days with daily mutual accountability and systems.
  • This requires daily email and daily 1 Focus Hour devoted to working on business to get to next level
  • This step is also a try-out to see if the agent has what it takes to be part of core group
  • Meet with small groups at Billion Dollar Agent Mastermind Retreat
  • If BDA has strong interest after BDA Challenge and Retreat, then they join a group effort of everyone doing 1 hour per day on systems to help each other and start to review investment options.
  • Invest angel round to make it formal company. First round is 10 core agents. Second round is 100 core agents. Third round is going public or private equity firm.
  • Grow build generate profits and investment is liquid for exit after 2-3 years.

Agents - send Steve questions - he will post answers below

  • What is target market for BDA?
  • Out of 1,000 BDA, my guess is that about 100 will have enough interest and liquid capital to invest in angel round of BDAC within one year of start by a core of 10 round 1 agents.

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