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About Us

With his in-depth experience on helping others succeed, Steve Kantor is the ideal coach for anyone seeking to achieve their goals in business, entrepreneurial ventures and career growth. A Harvard grad, with an additional degree from John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Steve has traveled to over 75 countries gaining a range of cultural experiences alongside his education. In 1986 Steve founded Gnossos Software, a vertical market software product company. In 2004 Steve successfully sold his company to Vocus, Inc., allowing him to pursue his passion to help others succeed.

Since that time Steve has written an invaluable book for all business oriented entrepreneurs or career-minded achievers, Lessons Learned by a Young Entrepreneur, which can be purchased via the Lessonsbushido website. This book was followed up by Billion Dollar Agent- Lessons Learned. This was a compilation of personal and professional experiences gathered from a select group of highly successful, top-selling real estate agents, which Steve published for other agents to benefit from. Writing these thought provoking and insightful books was just the beginning of what has become Steve’s legacy: providing the guidance, resources and inspiration to help people succeed with their own passions through personal growth and a goal orientated focus.

Steve also has a strong belief in the power of crowdsourcing. This is a resource worth exploring whatever your goals are for your business or personal success. Steve has been a leading-edge supporter of this type of resource, which you can discover through the free ebook he published, Why Are You Here Right Now?, the world’s first ever crowdsource book, published in 2006.

There are several ways you can access the expert guidance which Steve Kantor has to offer:

  • Goal Bushido is the website for anyone seeking to achieve their dreams. Steve will help you become Goal Focused so you can truly live the life of your dreams. Through learning how to write out your goals and how to shift your focus towards your passions, anything is possible.
  • Top Agent Goals has been designed with real estate agents in mind. One of Steve’s big passions is real estate; not in selling property, but in helping agents grow beyond their own expectations.
  • Best Agent Business was established as an innovative virtual assistance service for real estate agents to better focus on their clients, and the growth of their own business. The success of Best Agent Business rests on the talented skill of behind-the-scenes support teams which Steve has gathered. This allows real estate agents to focus on what they do best and leave the worry of administrative and marketing work behind.
  • Orange Passion is Steve’s consulting firm which helps businesses build up their own success through connecting them with passionate customers directly. Understanding how company/client collaboration is a win-win situation, Orange Passion can help your business thrive and grow in unexpected ways.
  • Lifebushido has become a global network of talented, passionate people working part-time from home in a wide range of job options. We all have talent. When that talent can be utilized while you work, happiness and success can reign.

Each of these business resources has been founded by Steve with the goal of helping others achieve what they want in life, and to experience success in what they do, along with the time to enjoy that success too. Steve has guided a variety of people towards discovering how they can improve and how much they can achieve once they know how to focus on their goals. This is Steve’s passion; anything is possible. See for yourself with a coaching consolation with Steve Kantor. With Steve’s guidance you can bring your passion and dreams together and succeed.

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